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French & Spanish Wines

Whether you want to sample our delicious French wine or enjoy your favorite wine from New Zealand, let our store provide what you need. The wine that you get from us comes from small production vineyards that lack the capacity to go to distributors, which lets us import the wines ourselves.


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About Our Owner

Our owner, Maurice Amiel, is offering wine from small vineyards from France, Italy, and around the world for you to enjoy. He makes sure to buy these wines directly from the producer at a good price.

For more information about the products our wine store has to offer, contact The Monsieur Maurice Wines in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Wine Merchant

About Us

The French Wine Merchant has a wine store in Palm Beach, Florida, that has various types of wine available for purchase. We also have wine tastings available. Be sure to visit our wine bar to sample some of our hidden treasures. Our wine bar serves great tasting wines with great customer service.

Wine from a Different Place

Our goal is to discover upcoming wine makers and to let you enjoy their unique wines. Unlike other wine retailers, we do not limit ourselves to what distributors offer. Let us offer you a distinct product that differs from a regular market item.

What We Offer

The wines we offer cover all aspects of the wine industry, and they range in price from $10–$1,000. We also have wine tastings at our clients' homes for various charities. Our company is very active in many social and charitable organizations. Please call our wine store for more information on wine tastings.

Enjoy Quality Wine

Our company special orders any type of wine you want, and our owner is able to help you choose the right wine for you to enjoy, thanks to his more than 40 years of experience. Our wine store is located next to Publix™, two blocks from Breakers, and one block from the ocean.