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Residents, snowbirds and tourists are all buzzing about The French Wine Merchant, Maurice Amiel's comfortable and upscale wine boutique. Nestled in the historic Paramount Building, the FWM unites wine lovers on a shared quest: to find and consume the finest in undiscovered gems from around the world.


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Who is Monsieur Maurice?

Maurice Amiel, a.k.a. Monsieur Maurice, "The Wine Guru of the Palm Beaches," is a veteran of more than three decades in the wine trade. He specializes in finding and importing the best artisan wines on the planet: hand crafted, small production wines offered to his customer at reasonable prices.

For more information about the products our wine store has to offer, contact The Monsieur Maurice Wines in Palm Beach, Florida.

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139 North County Road, Palm Beach (in the Paramount Building); (561) 833-7712, or email

About Us

The French Wine Merchant in Palm Beach, Florida, offers the best small-production wines from France, Italy, Spain and South America.  Every bottle in the store has been personally tasted and selected by Monsieur Maurice, then imported by him---he eliminates the layers of middleman profit and passes the savings on to his clintele. Be sure to visit our wine bar to sample some of our hidden treasures.

Weekly Tastings

Tired of elbowing your way through drunken crowds to reach the tasting table? Stop in to the French Wine Merchant every Friday for the most elegant wine tasting event in South Florida. Experience at least six wines, accompanied by a selectioin of gourmet cheeses, in the serene courtyard of the Paramount Building.

What We Offer

The wines we offer range in price from $10–$1,000. Regardless of cost, they are the finest available. Maurice's philosphy is that even though you may have a lot of disposable income, there's no point in spending it to subsidize radio and TV ads, distributor expense accounts, and other expenses of the wine trade normally passed on to consumers. In short, he is proud to offer his customers more steak and less sizzle.We also have wine tastings at our clients' homes for various charities. Our company is very active in many social and charitable organizations. Please call our wine store for more information on wine tastings.

Create Your Own Wine Event

Monsieur Maurice can special order any type of wine you want, and is always pleased to help you select the right bottle. He frequently hosts private tastings at his clients' homes for charity and social events, and is active in the civic life of the community. Call (561) 833-7712 for information on how to design your own corportate or private wine event.

Our Location

The French Wine Merchant is located next to Publix™, two blocks from Breakers, and one block from the ocean.